About Us


Thirdi is a specialty store for all things related to photography. Thirdi Digital is our eCommerce division and is the owner of all our online properties. 

Our brick and mortar store out of Hyderabad was established in 1980, while our e-commerce store was launched in 2009.

We are an authorised dealer for major brands.


We understand the importance of brand advocates in building trust and credibility and we believe our staff are our primary brand advocates. Which is why we hire qualified and trained professionals and groom them ourselves to imbibe the IIIrdi philosophy. They undergo frequent and regular training to stay up to date. With their strong product knowledge and focus on customer needs, they are dedicated to offering you the right solution. It is more important for us to help you find the perfect fit in terms of your requirement and the right product, rather than aggressively going after a sale.


Hyderabad, Telangana, India 


Our journey began in 1980, when our Founder, Sanjay Bajaj, at his father’s insistence visited the QSS Lab in Delhi. Having been asked to observe and evaluate the business, he found the idea of photo processing very fascinating.

So, Sanjay pursued a Photography Course from Vivek Vardhini and under the guidance of his father, decided to setup a Konica Nice Print Lab.  He then got himself technically trained at QSS, Konica, KIS and Fuji at their factories. This unique experience of being trained at the factories of major brands was just the beginning of his continuing pursuit of gaining knowledge in the field of photography. If you walk in to our Hyderabad store, you will find him chatting with photographers, both amateur and professional alike, helping them find the appropriate equipment for their needs.


1982   Bajaj Nice Prints is founded

It was the first of its kind, offering a 1 Hour Photo Processing Service.

1988   Bajaj Nice Prints expands to 6 Labs

The Bajaj family, Sanjay Bajaj along with his father and brother, expanded the photo processing business to 6 Photo Labs in Hyderabad, by now offering a record 23 minutes photo processing service time.

1989    Introduction of Photography Services and Sale of Cameras

IIIrdi expanded its business to offer wedding photography services and also launched Samsung, Canon, Yashica, Pentax, Nikon and Konica Film Cameras in India, when film cameras were still new to the market, with only the low-end models being available.

1997   Beginning of our Retail Business

With the launch of the first commercial Digital Camera in the world, our founder felt the need to diversify from the film processing lab business. Thus came about the first IIIrdi Retail Store, exclusively for cameras and photo accessories. It was setup in Banjara Hills, then a prime residential area in the heart of Hyderabad and now the leading commercial space for major brands.

1999    Partnered with Olympus

This was the start of our association with big brands in retail. Since then we have only continued to grow to now offer an exhaustive range of products from all the big international brands in digital technology for photography.

2007   Happy Customers

IIIrdi by now had built a loyal customer base of more than 50,000 consumers along with 350 Institutional and 50 Government clients.

2009   Launch of our ecommerce website www.thirdidigital.com ( Now it is thirdidigital.in)

The extension of our retail business to the digital platform but was the next logical step ahead. Our ecommerce website was launched with the view to be the foremost Photography e-Store in the country.

2015   IIIrdi goes Social

Having fulfilled over 50,000 online orders through our website and other partner sites, we have consciously decided for IIIrdi to go social across all the relevant platforms.  So begins our journey to engage with our customers on our Facebook Page, and bring together the photography community through our Blog, Tweets and Pinterest Boards.